What are the best one-minute life hacks?

How To

Probably this is the fastest useful hack to learn in the world actually, did you know you can save anything importante like documento by sending them to yourself using emails or WhatsApp?

For example I send to myself important documents using WhatsApp. To be able to do this you have to save your number as a contact in your address book and name it anything you want. Now that you have your number saved open WhatsApp, search the name you used for saving your contact and now you’ll open a chat with yourself!

Here is an example:

Search your name

Send to yourself anything (messages, documents, images, videos…)

And here you go, be sure you have automatic backup activated and now you’ll never lose again your important things!


If you have android and not able to do this you can do something very similar by creating a group with you and a friend and then remove the friend right after creating the group!